• Regular  Inspection Program
ISD offers above mentioned Field Service Program for customers whose fleet more than 5 units are working on the same site. Our service representative will schedule the visit upon your request and will confirm the visit plan for 360 deg inspection of machine.
  • On-Demand inspection program
This is the Field Service Program offers by ISD upon customer request. Our service representative will contact within 24/7 upon customer request to fix the visit schedule of our service engineers who attend the failure that raise by customer.
  • Benefits of Inspections
    • Walk around inspection details
    • Inspection Report with pictorial details
    • Active & logged error results
    • Hyundai diagnostic tools (HCEDT) results
    • Our service team determines if small repairs will make a big difference and can suggest repairs to help your equipment run more efficiently.
    • Service’s Recommendation to valuable customer.